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About Sunbeds

We provide our customers with three choices when it comes to tanning beds. We feel in offering our customers these choices they can “Feel the Difference” in what best suits them and their skin.
  1. Ergoline Soltron®: The future is here! Soltron shows you what really good tanning beds are made of: state-of-the-art high performance technology, premium materials and superior workmanship quality. Young, bold and unusual, power-packed and top designed – just the right combination for real pros! Ergoline and Soltron shows you what really good tanning beds are made of.
  2. Suncapsule: Sun Capsule would continuously push the envelope in performance and technology and along the way, with the help of some brilliant people, change the face of an industry. This year, Sun Capsule introduces The 7 Minute TanTM, with an all-new design, an improved VHR/HP lamp phosphor and a new power source. It promises to be the fastest, most powerful machine in the industry.
  3. Sportarredo has always been one of the leaders in terms of specialization, innovation and continuous investment in technology. Recognizing the importance of high Quality Management, Sportarredo has developed a unique Quality System. From the manufacturing plant, each single unit is taken to an enclosed area and tested for 2 hours in an environment that simulates the “working conditions” of a tanning salon. After this first test, the equipment is taken to a laboratory where the “certificate of emission” is issued and filed for future reference. Strict procedures are followed by our engineers and scientists, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality in our manufacturing plant.
  4. HT High Pressure Booth: For a Fast Tan that Lasts!: Once you have your gorgeous base tan, you’ll only need two to three visits a month to maintain your perfect shade because this tanning booth yields immediate results! And, since HT High Pressure filters block out most UVB rays (which cause skin to exfoliate faster), your tan will last longer. With maximum stand times of either 15 minutes, get ready for a fast tan that lasts!